Lift-off – less drag more speed

Feb 15, 2017 11:41:00 AM


Sometimes your feet just have to leave the ground! That is also true for FATH and its employees.  A year ago, we founded the FATH Sailing Team, supporting, amongst others, the Eagle 20 from Muhr am See / Frankonia.

Eagle 20 is a hydrofoil catamaran made from carbon fibre.  It has horizontal fins attached to its keels and rudders that provide buoyancy and lift off t from the water at relatively moderate speed.  This design reduces drag flow to a minimum and consequently record speeds have been achieved and numerous races won.

May 2015: Speed world record: 36,5 Knots (ca. 65 km/h)
June 2015: 2nd place Kékszalag, Balaton, HU
June 2015: 1st place Fehérszalag, Balaton, HU
September 2015: 2nd place Super G, Lago di Garda, IT
September 2015: 2nd place Trofeo Richardo Gorla, Lago di Garda, IT
April 2016: Handover of the sails for new Carbon-Eagle20 HF »Uccia« at FATH
September 2016: 1st place Super G, Lago di Garda, IT
September 2016: 1st place Trofeo Richard Gorla, Lago di Garda, IT
September 2016: 1st place Centomiglia, Lago di Garda, IT

FATH is proud to sponsor the Eagle 20 and has a great connection with the team’s robustness, high tech, and down-to-earth attitude and we look forward to many more victories for the Eagle20.